Your friend, Chris

The city of Toronto provided the backdrop of Chris Grubisa’s emerging career behind the lens. Rolling through his hometown on his board, video camera in hand, Chris honed his eye for moving images and laid the groundwork for his content creating style.

Now, a decade-and-a-half later, Chris is co-founder of Chrilleks and calls Los Angeles home. Leading the Chrilleks Team in both LA and Toronto, Chris was recently named to Canada’s Top 30 Entrepreneurs/Innovators/Leaders Under Age 30 by Marketing Magazine and has earned honors from the Telly Awards for his editing and cinematography. His style is sharp, quick, and poignant, providing memorable digital content for a variety of brands, personalities, and clients, including Shopify, Under Armour, and Gymshark.

 Chris prides himself on creating content that defies categorization and is always tweaking his work to be immersive and intriguing. From bite-size clips to feature-length video, Chris is agile, adaptable and driven, three characteristics of his success. Plus, he never stops moving. Chris explores other creative outlets via @brbcreatingsomething and kicks it with his dog, Sunny.

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